Video for "One Way Love" from Vincent Coomans.


Video by Spookstad / Jasper Vanhauwaert.

Music composed by Vincent Coomans.

Recorded & produced by Jonas Bruyneel in Studio Wellington.

Mixed by Michiel de Maeseneer.

Mastered by Uwe Teichert (Elektropolis).

Artwork by Peter Van Ammel.

Video for "Ordinary People" from Vincent Coomans.


This is an adaptation of 'Menselijke Mensen' by Roosbeef.

All rights reserved to Roosbeef.


Translated by Vincent Coomans.

Music by Vincent Coomans, Frie Mechele and Jonas Bruyneel. Produced, mixed and mastered by Jonas Bruyneel in Studio Wellington.


The video was shot in NYC by Lisa Holiday and edited by Jasper Vanhauwaert (Spookstad).