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'Drawing the lines', acoustic live recording @ Studio Wellington

Jonas Bruyneel and I decided to record a live acoustic version of 'Drawing the lines', a new song that will be on my second EP (in a different version), in Studio Wellingtons' backyard.

Though my perspective in this song is very individual, I think it represents a general, growing need for rebellion you find in society for the moment. I've always found the idea fascinating that to attain freedom we need to set (our) boundaries. Picture yourself drawing a line around you and easily you see yourself trapped in a cage, but who knew that by doing so you can easily feel more free than before, because you are protecting the person you are and want to be. At the moment a lot of people are struggling to draw the lines of what is fine and what isn't.

To all of them I want to say, stay strong, explore what is worth fighting for and enjoy breaking free by doing so.

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