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'Must I Always' is out now

Hi all, here is the first track of my upcoming LP 'The Great Rebuild', that will be released through Illuminine Records somewhere by the end of 2022. 'Must I Always' was featured in duyster and was in fact written on guitar, once we arrived in Filip Tanghes' North Garden Studios we decided to transpose the song to piano and we recorded it in one go. Jonas Bruyneel played the piano in the studio while I was singing in the control room and afterwards Esther Coorevits and Wouter Vercruysse added violin and trumpet. On 'Must I Always':

In 'Must I Always' musician Vincent Coomans explores the friction that looms when you want to step away from a tumultueus youth only to find yourself feeling attracted to the toxic possibility of staying. In this moving pianoballad the darkness is always appealing and in great contrast to the freedom the artist seeks. 'Must I Always' is the first single of Vincent Coomans first LP, 'The Great Rebuild', that will be released through Illumine Records by the end of 2022. The pianoballad was written in the studio and recorded in one take with a heartbreaking honesty and authenticity in which the work of Bill Ryder-Jones and Tobias Jesso Jr. silently echoes.

Listen to 'Must I Always':

We really hope you like it!

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