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Lovely mini-tour

Bijgewerkt op: 26 apr. 2020

I perform my music live alongside Jonas Bruyneel (Wolfe, Momoyo) en Frie Mechele (Momoyo). This winter we played at five venues in two weeks. We performed in O.666 in Oostende, Café de Loge and Bar Mirwaar in Ghent, deDingen in Kortrijk and a small theatre in Zwevegem.

About 150 people came to see us on one of those shows and most of the time there was an awkward silence. We really enjoyed it a lot.

I will be taking a small break now to work on my first record that I will be releasing in 2020.

Here are some pictures and a video from our mini-tour.

Credits on behalf of Spookstad, Siel Verhanneman and Louise d'Eer.

Stay safe. x

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