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'Ordinary People' is out now

Hi everyone,

COVID-19 is having a major impact on society. Not only a visible one, because of the appearance of mouth masks, and the measurements we can take in order to stay 'healthy'. But also because it shows us how fragile society is. Suddenly we hear stories about people feeling lonely, people being anxious, upset, burned-out, people being depressed. And in the background of this giant pandemic wave we hear stories of discrimination, stories from people who have felt discriminated for almost their entire life. Racism, colonialism, the white supremacy. Those stories, those themes, those problems were always there. That is why I wanted to do this adaptation of the dutch song 'Menselijke Mensen' of Roosbeef. A song that has really inspired me the past few months. It shows that despite these giant themes in society that influence and affect us, we still are no more than ordinary people strolling trough life.

And to visualize that I asked Lisa Holiday to make an observation in the giant city that never sleeps, where people have always strolled in the streets, New York City. In this one track video she lets the camera slide from person to person, showing us these 'Ordinary people' we all are, trying to make a small impact on the scenery around us.

The video was edited by Jasper Vanhauwaert (Spookstad).

I translated the lyrics. The adaptation of this song was made by Frie Mechele, Jonas Bruyneel and myself. It was produced, mixed and mastered by Jonas Bruyneel in Studio Wellington.

All rights are reserved to Roosbeef.

Take care.

Be kind.


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